Express fabrication

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Express fabrication

With more than 30 years’ experience in roof construction (pitched roofs, flat roofs and green roofs), metal fabrication, fine sheet metal working and gutters and downpipes, Façozinc offers a just-in-time service unique in Belgium: express fabrication based on a drawing or sketch.

Our flexible and highly skilled team are at your disposal and will go the extra mile to bring your project to fruition. Ongoing training in new techniques and the latest innovations ensures that our experts can respond to all your expectations in a timeframe appropriate to your needs.

In order to translate your concept from a sketch to a finished component, Façozinc has at its disposal a wide range of materials for façade cladding, flat roofs and pitched roofs. Welding, cutting, bending and punching are all part of our services and skill set.

Our expertise in fine sheet metal working means that we can transform steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, zinc and lead… into letterboxes, skateboard ramps, urinals, fast food drip trays, openwork sheets, rods or tubes. All items – from the smallest to the largest – are made in our workshops.

With our customised “express fabrication” service, personalised support from our experts, and our “one-stop” offer (advice – equipment – delivery), you can leave everything to us. An idea, a sketch and a coffee are all you need.

Why wait? The only limitation is your imagination.


  • Aluminium
    Aluminium 1,5mm, Aluminium 2mm
  • Anthra-zinc
    Anthra-zinc 0.7mm, Anthra-zinc 0,8mm, Anthra-zinc 1mm
  • Anthra-zinc plus
    Anthra-zinc + 0.7mm, Anthra-zinc + 0,8mm
  • Azengar
    Azengar 0,7mm, Azengar 0,8mm, Azengar 1mm
  • Bilaqué
    Bilaqué 0,7mm, Bilaqué 0,8mm
  • Copper
    Copper 0,6mm, Copper 0,7mm, Copper 0,8mm, Copper 1mm
  • Special manufacturing
  • Pigmento
    Pigmento 0,7mm, Pigmento, 0,8mm, Pigmento 1mm
  • Pigmento plus
    Pigmento + 0,65mm, Pigmento + 0,7mm, Pigmento + 0,8mm
  • Quartz-zinc
    Quartz-zinc 0,7mm, Quartz-zinc,0,8mm, Quartz-zinc 1mm
  • Quartz-zinc plus
    Quartz-zinc + 0,7mm, Quartz-zinc + 0,8mm, Quartz-zinc +  1mm
  • Tecu
  • Natural zinc
    Natural zinc 0,7mm, Natural zinc 0,8mm, Natural zinc 1mm
  • Natural zinc plus
    Natural zinc + 0,7mm, Natural zinc + 0,8mm, Natural zinc + 1mm