About us

Façozinc, established in 1988, is a Belgian company specialising roofing materials (pitched roofs, flat roofs and green roofs), metal fabrication, fine sheet metal working, insulation  (thermal insulation, internal insulation, roof insulation), gutters and downpipes for professional cladding contractors.

With 180 employees, more than 120,000m2 of infrastructure throughout Wallonia (Brussels, Liège, Namur, Tournai, Mons, Charleroi, Libramont, Marche-en-Famme, Gilly, Strépy, Halluin) and a base outside Belgium (France), Façozinc has the reach of a large scale enterprise with the spirit of a family business.

Managed by shareholders directly involved in the company at an operational level, Façozinc remains close to the ground and focused on serving customers limited only by their imagination.



Key figures

emplois directs et indirects
centres de façonnage sur mesure
poids lourds, dont 16 camions-grues
références produits

Our highly skilled teams

Throughout its period of expansion, Façozinc has always been able to employ highly skilled staff. The 180 employees of this family business receive regular training in new techniques and the latest technologies in order to be able to provide customers with support and advice at the leading edge of innovation.

Skills and know-how are of prime importance to this Belgian company. Not everyone can work at Façozinc, but those who join the company are happy to stay.

Mission, Vision & Values


Mission, our rationale

We use our expertise to provide
construction industry professionals with optimum solutions
that are both sustainable and profitable.


Vision, our aims

We are constantly on the lookout for
innovations that add value for our customers,
colleagues and the environment. Everything we do
puts humanity at the centre of our priorities.


Our value

We work passionately to make life easier for our customers;

We continually challenge the solutions we offer in order always to ensure high levels of performance;

We foster long-term relationships both internally and externally;

We put respect at the centre of our relationships;

We offer sustainable added value to all stakeholders;

We invest tirelessly in the use of the best management tools and the training of our staff;

We always seize the opportunity to achieve excellence;

We give the word “service” its original meaning in our relationships.


Our brands